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Company Profile

Red Bag Industry is the leader Malaysia Bag Supplier in supplying, marketing and design of sales Travel Bags, Backpacks, Seminar Bag Manufacturer, School Bag and Jansport Backpacks. Our bag manufacturer has committed to exceed customer’s requirements with excellent and efficient service.

We are bag wholesaler and supplier of seminar bags, travel bags, back packs, luggage, bouston bag, passport holder and many other kind of bags… We strongly believe that a good marketing strategy is the key of success for every corporate businesses. Red Bag Industry are always here to assist your business.

Most of our premium bag are manufactured in factories throughout Malaysia and China. We have a long and established relationship with our suppliers in Malaysia and China, and thus ensuring a quality service, from raw materials to the finished product.

We are now the premium bag supplier in the region such as Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, india, Korea, Japan, China and etc.

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